Eric Volmers - Calgary Herald

"Whether you think the story is fact or fiction, there's no denying that USNA is an entertaining yarn that focuses on a rebel movement that springs up after the amalgamation. Leading the freedom fighters is an exiled ex-prime minister named Samuel Stern, but the protagonist of the book is a 40-something lawyer named Carol Wheeler. The book comes complete with a foreword written by Giller-Prize winning novelist and Calgarian Will Ferguson, who offers some historical context to the tale by referencing long forgotten skirmishes that show that Canada's divergent destiny in North American was "founded on conquest" and "soaked in bloodshed."

Rob Alexander - Rocky Mountain Outlook

"This 211-page black-and-white comic presents a dystopian future where the U.S. and Canada have willingly amalgamated, with the U.S. getting the better deal, amid drought, food rationing and war with Central America. And it is a takeover that inspires a rebellion in Canada, with people seeking to restore the flag and all that it stands for. For the rebels, the fight is not about borders, but ideals and all things that define Canada. So it's fitting that what begins as an economic and political amalgamation devolves into bloodshed with the secretive Strategic Home Alliance Defense Organization (S.H.A.D.O.) resorting to any means possible to destroy the people's rebellion and maintain the USNA."

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Karry Taylor - The Calgary Journal

"Part of (artist Dave) Casey's task was to bring the novel's myriad of characters to physical life - among them Carol Wheeler, the novel's machine-gun toting protagonist whose search for information regarding her murdered son ends up with her leading a group of Canadian rebels determined to engineer Canada's independence from the USNA."

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Bryn Evans - Fast Forward Weekly Magazine

"The story is a clever, thought-provoking look into the real ways in which such a country-clashing future could emerge. USNA is a meaty read, full of blood and bullets. It's easy to imagine it as a film, though the comic format gives it a greater scope (explosive battles and intergenerational drama) than a modest budget would allow."

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Edna Reviews USNA

"I thought it was great. A really intriguing premise, tightly plotted, and engaging characters. Some very nice twists and turns along the way. I think it's a wonderful property."

Joe M. Vancouver, B.C.

"Bought my copy in Vancouver at The Comicshop on 4th, and finished reading it in one sitting, like 5 minutes ago. Bravo guys! And good on you for doing all the work to self publish and promote!"

Mike M. Vancouver, B.C.

"I really loved that your graphic novel has a standalone heroine. It's very rare that you see a character like Carol. One thing that I find that is very intriguing about this novel is that it tackles the post-apocalyptic scenario from a different angle. And I think the likelihood of this scenario is what really drew me in. The fact that these sort of things are already happening in the world we live in, really makes one reflect on the current direction the world is headed. I think one of the things that has made USNA so successful is that one can immediately tell that the authors took their time in developing the plot and polishing it up before publishing. I find that so many books nowadays feel like second drafts and have so many loopholes that it's sometimes very hard to get immersed in a universe that isn't well constructed.The artistic style is perfect for the story. It really brings out the grittiness of USNA. I'm really glad I met all of you and discovered your wonderful graphic novel. I look fo ward to reading the new volume!"

Yngrid C. Vancouver, B.C.


Jesse Reviews USNA

"USNA is a book I have been waiting for most of my life. As a comic book fan I've long hoped for an independent comic book that manages to be all at once entertaining, thought provoking and fierce. The artists who created this book didn't pull any punches and they didn't shy away from the grey areas of socio-political complexity. In their world of an amalgamated North America; diplomacy has crumbled into a unfair bureaucracy and policy is the long arm of a corrupt government .The Heroes of USNA each display alignment that goes beyond the simplistic categorizations of liberal and conservative. Instead they lead us down the darkened halls of our society and give a considerate assessment of our North American values. While big media inflates us with nationalism and inoculates us with the idea that we are quaint and polite, USNA examines what it means to be Canadian in a very innovative and revolutionary way. This piece of work confronts us with the difficult notions of sacrifices that must be made to provide the freedoms that we take for granted. Unafraid, the story moves at a pulse pounding pace, yet still allowing for moments of reflection and pause so that we, the audience, can feel the intimacy of characters caught in the middle a conflict that is as personal as it is relevant to our rapidly evolving society. USNA is a clear loud voice from some artists who know what they want to say, and have put it all together in a very sharp, easy to digest package. Easily the best independent comic I've read in years."

Axel Matfin - author of 'The Bartender: Darkness on the Edge of Town' and 'The Bartender: Appetite For Destruction'

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